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We are unable to give precise quotations for supply and installation, servicing or repair of any equipment or system unless we have all of the facts.  We can give estimates from builders' drawings, but it is normally necessary for us to visit the premises for quotations.  Any security system is three-dimensional and there are usually external factors which make the giving of advice and quotation difficult without a proper site survey. Site surveys are conducted during normal office hours and are free of charge and obligation.

If you want us to estimate the price, or the make-up of the security system you need, give as much information as you can, and we will try to be as accurate as possible.  All estimates are subject to change but all quotations are fixed.


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Please note that any advice we give is only relevant to security systems within the United Kingdom. Although we are always happy to correspond with other nationalities our expertise is limited to the British Standard. Our advice is an opinion that is given freely and based on our years of experience. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for consequential loss or damage as a result of any person following this advice save for situations where we install a security system for that person. All of our systems have an assurance that they are designed to perform in the manner described in the specification for each particular system, and are protected by an efficacy insurance and NSI code of practice.